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OpenNox 1.8.0 released

Announcement on the Nox Discord Server by dennwc
Hi everyone! On behalf of the whole team, I’m proud to announce the new Nox build that was in the works for a past few months. It’s based on the version running at, but extended with a new features and bug fixes. You can think of it as Nox Reloaded 2.0! Download (1.8.0)

You can now support OpenNox directly via Patreon!


  • High-resolution support (up to 4K)! You’ll need to run opennox-hd.exe for it.
  • A lot faster OpenGL-based rendering (partially offloaded to GPU).
  • Automated end-to-end testing mode, see opennox-e2e for details.
  • Simple HTTP-based Server API for controlling game servers.
  • Allow disabling image smoothing in the video options.
  • Allow enabling image stretching in the video options.
  • Add cheat charm.all to charm any creature (including humanoids).
  • Other minor optimizations.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug with creatures being “deaf” (not reacting to footsteps, etc).
  • Banish of captured creatures (like vampire bats) leading to scripts being stuck.
  • Properly forward ports when server port is changed via a flag.
  • Nox Reloaded failing to join OpenNox Quest games.
  • LUA scripts when reloading the same map from the console.
  • Error when manually saving player in online games.
  • OpenNox changing user.rul file permissions.
  • Properly show the last character in long server names.
  • Disabling soft shadows via -soft flag.
  • Multiple crashes for both solo and multiplayer.

– Completely reworked input and present pipelines.
Manual spell casting. Bind keys to individual spell gestures and become a real wizard/conjurer!
– Gamma and mouse sensitivity sliders were added to the options menu.
– Wide-screen 16:9 resolutions are now available. Older 4:3 resolutions are still supported via config.
Added key bindings for:
+ Switching to a specific spell slot.
+ Switching to a specific trap slot.
+ Dropping a trap from your inventory.
+ Controlling spawned creature behavior.
+ Accepting item buy/sell/drop.
– Fix: Input sensitivity should now work correctly in fullscreen mode.
– Fix: Gamma setting in the config is now respected.
– Fix: Stretched video setting in the config is now respected.
Breaking change: set allow.all was renamed to cheat equip.all, set mana/health was renamed to cheat mana/health

– We now have a (bare-bones) Windows installer. OpenNox can now work from a separate folder.
– Automatically detect Nox game. Supports Origin, GoG and Nox Reloaded.
– Keep 4:3 aspect ratio when resizing game window. No more stretched images.
– Toggle fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter.
– Add set health and set mana cheats.
– Add set allow.all cheat to remove item class restrictions.
– Allow customising gamedata.bin values without encoding it. See gamedata-sample.yml
– LUA now supports trigger events as well as player join/leave events.
– Fix: Detonate traps spell will no longer freeze the game.
– Fix: Fullscreen mode will now be saved correctly.
– Fix: Warriors should now be able to scroll weapons with mouse wheel in multiplayer as well.

– Automatically open/forward ports when hosting a game (no need to configure firewall).
– Fixed the bug that prevented warriors from scrolling weapons with mouse wheel.
– Blazing-fast map downloads. Both client and the server should use this version.
– Experimental support for LUA map scripts.
– Maps will now be transferred with other related files when possible (.txt, .rul, .lua, .png).

– Native SDL and OpenAL support (no workarounds required for Win10, streaming, etc).
– Builtin XWIS integration. No need for account in order to host or join games.
– More Nox Quest options (skip levels, keep portal forever, etc).
– Native Linux build (no Wine).
– Experimental gamepad support.
– Dedicated “headless” server.

Download (1.8.0) is now wasn’t taken anymore so i couldn’t resist switching domains. I think Hecubah is a way more catchy name than Nox-Zone. For people who don’t remember: once upon a time was the go-to website for Nox news. They originally did many of the developer interviews now archived on this site. That was just after the Nox release in 2000. Sadly at the end of 2001 suddenly vanished. I’m in no way affiliated with the old website but i think after 20 years it’s fair game.

Nox-Zone is back!

Back from the dead!
Nox-Zone was first online in 2002. I found most of the old files on a hard drive and thought why not do a remake? I don’t really expect anyone to visit this site, i see it more as my personal Nox archive. It’s still unfinished but i’ll add new content every so often.

New trainer from BURN3R!

Wow, der neue Trainer von Burn3r ist es echt wert getestet zu werden! ; ) Man kann mit seinem Char jeden Gegenstand aufnehmen ohne den Char selbst zu verändern. Gibt’s natürlich in der Download-Abteilung. Und es gibt neue Funshots : ) Bild1 / Bild2/ Bild3/ Bild4. Außerdem gibt jetzt jeden Monat eine feste Umfrage die ihr in der rechten Spalte unten finden könnt. Diese geht noch bis zum 1. Dezember.