Gameplay bugs, glitches and hacks

Ramhack / move after warcry (Warrior)
During the weapon swing animation cast harpoon and then instantly cast either berserk or warcry.

Crossbow instant reload (Conjurer)
After firing the xbow immediately press the emote key (k, l, m), this will cancel the reload animation.

Running on lava (Everyone)
Jump on lava while affected by the panic spell.

Standing on lava (Wizard)
Jump on lava while magic mirror is active. It helps to cast invulnerability first.

Glitch out of the map or into water
Stack telekensis traps close to the water or wall border. Run into the wall/water and release the traps. Repeat as often as necessary.

Winhack Tutorial
Change spells, spawn mobs etc.

Cheat Codes
First, press F1 to bring up the console and type racoiaws.

set godToggles god mode. Armor will still takes damage but your health won’t be affected.
cheat healthReplenish your health to full strength.
cheat manaReplenish your mana to full strength.
cheat abilityIf you’re playing as a warrior, entering this code will reset your skill recharge.
cheat spells #Sets all spells to indicated level.
help cheatDisplays the cheat list.
cheat gold #Enter this code where # equals the amount of gold desired.
cheat level #Advance to the particular skill level where # equals the level number.
cheat goto [x,y]Advance to the indicated coordinates.
cheat goto [wp name]Advanced to the indicated waypoint.

Other Commands

To use these commands, press the F1 key to bring down the console, enter the commands as stated below.

allowallow {user | ip }: Allow on this server.
audtestset {variable}: Set a server toggle variable.
banban {user}: If this user is currently in the game, kick them off the server disallow them from joining again. Otherwise, disallow anyone with his name from joining the server.
bindbind F[1-12] command : bind a function key to a command.
broadcastbroadcast {message}: Broadcast message to all users.
clearclear: cleares the console.v
execexec {function}: Execute a Nox C function.
execrulexecrul {function}: Execute a Nox RUL file.
exitExit the game to Main Menu.
gammagamma {[+|-]size}: Sets gamma correct factor (1-10). Either absolute or relative percentage.
helphelp {command}: Get help on a command.
imageimage: Save a screen capture to disk.
kickkick {user}: Kick this user off the server.
listlist {maps | spells | armor | weapons | staffs | users}: Displays a list of these items.
locklock password: Lock the console using password.
macrosmacros {on|off}: Set the macro execution state.
menumenu {vidopt, options}: Activate specified menu.
mutemute {player}: Mute a player.
quitquit: Leave this server, or shutdown this server.
saysay string: Print a string to all players.
setset {variable}: Set a server toggle variable.
showshow {game|motd}: Show info on an item.
telnetTelnet {ON{port}|OFF}: Turn the telnet server on and off.
unsetUnSet {variable}: Unset a server toggle variable.
unmuteunmute {player}: UnMute a player.
unbindunbind F[1-12]: unbind a function key.
unlockunlock: UnLock the console.
watchwatch {user}: Watch a player if in observe mode.
windowwindow {[+|-]size}: Sets game window size. Either absolute or relative percentage.
?help {command}: Get help on a command.