Interview Tidbits

(Work in progress)

There are a lot of shorter Nox developer interviews out there, but most questions and answers are duplicates. So in this section i to collect some snippets from interviews that i find interesting.

TECH TALK: Producing the Game

Q: What software was used to produce the various game components In particular, our readers would like to hear about the programming language, graphics, 3D and animation applications, along with my own curiosity about that amazing game engine!

JH: Visual C++ (programming), VTune & SoftIce (optimization & debugging), 3D Studio Max & Character Studio (modeling & animation), Photoshop (textures and cleanup), Excel (project tracking & localization), Word (design documents), and our own proprietary map editor and development tools. The game engine was developed completely for Nox – no 3rd party libraries or engines.

Nox Vs. Quake Online

Nox is by no means just another run of the mill PC RPG. As well as a solid single-player mode the title will include multiplayer modes similar to the way Unreal did.

A lot of focus has been placed on building a strong multiplayer experience that can be played over a LAN and the Internet. “We’ve created 22 different multiplayer maps and the game feels more like Quake in the multiplayer modes than an RPG,” explained Hight.