Westwood’s Action-RPG pits naïve auto mechanic versus ultimate evil

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 3, 1999 – His name is Jack, an auto mechanic who lives in a trailer park in South central Florida. An unlikely hero, but that’s what he becomes when a cosmic accident plucks him out of his easy chair and drops him on Nox, a world of magic, monsters, and an evil sorceress named Hecubah. All he wants is to go home, but to get back to Earth, he’ll have to save the planet he landed on.

That’s the story of Nox, the upcoming action-RPG from Westwood Studios, due out this winter. Jack isn’t the typical hero you’d find rubbing elbows with wizards, warriors and the occasional rogue in a fantasy setting, and that’s exactly the point, says Nox’s executive producer John Hight.

“We wanted to take that well-used fantasy medieval setting and look at it from another angle,” Hight says. “With Jack, we can bring a modern day character, an everyman we can all relate to, complete with jeans and sneakers, and drop him into a fantasy world. With him as our guide, all those fantasy game clichés become fresh because we’re seeing them all through his eyes.”

Playing as Jack, you’ll start in jeans T-Shirt and sneakers, and eventually end up in full battle armor, a conjurer’s dress leathers or ornate wizard robes.

“It’s great fun watching Jack go from this 20th century guy and slowly transform into a mighty warrior, a powerful wizard or a crafty conjurer,” Hight says. “This is the fantasy of everyone who loves this genre, to be transported to a world like Nox where every day is a noble adventure.”

Once Jack lands on Nox, he’ll be able to choose three paths. He’ll ally himself with the Warriors, the Wizards, or the Conjurers. Each path has it’s own distinct story, it’s own distinct ending, and three separate ways to play the game.

The Warriors shun magic, and instead use steel, skill, and strength. The Conjurors wield the power of nature and can create and control creatures. Wizards have mastered advanced magic and can teleport about the world in the blink of an eye.

Jack will progress through one of the three disciplines on his quest to find a way home. Along the way he learns that an evil sorceress, Hecubah, was not only the cause of his being transported to Nox, but that’s planning on destroying Nox before he can figure out a way off the planet. To get back to Earth, Jack will have to face her and the army of undead she’s raising.

“Hecubah is the ultimate evil, but she’s also smart, funny and easy to look at,” Hight says. “I think when you finish Nox, you’ll both hate Hecubah and kind of miss her after you defeat her. I think we’re creating a character, and a story, you’ll remember long after you finish your quest and deliver Jack back to Earth.”

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