The Legend of Nox

Audio version of the story now available!

The magical world of Nox. A land of beauty and wonder. A land ravaged with a troubled history. Long ago the humans in the south survived inside a cloud of terror created by the necromancers of the north.

The necromancers had mastered the dark art of reviving and repossessing the dead. Immortality was theirs – as long a steady supply of humans was available. Generations of humans lived in fear of wholesale invasion, as the necromancers continued surgical attacks, probing weak spots and easy targets.

Answering these deadly crimes, the great warrior Jandor led an army to the heart of the necromancers’ homeland. Armed with the Staff of Oblivion, a peerless weapon crafted by Nox’s most gifted mages, Jandor snared his enemies’ souls, trapping them in a strange orb on the staff.

The necromancers were utterly defeated. Their ravaged province became known as the Land of the Dead.

But the absolute power in the Staff proved too much for the people of Nox! Its existence drove the humans apart.

In the heartland of Nox, the warrior clan of Dun Mir strictly forbade the use of magic, honoring instead their timeless values of might, wit, and courage.

Over the mountains from Dun Mir, other humans channeled their magical potential to summon creatures to do their bidding. They were the conjurers.

The last group were wizards. They were deeply versed in all forms and levels of magic and their applications.

And so old harmonies among humans became riddled by superstition and ancient, petty feuds.

The Staff of Oblivion was too powerful for any single group to control.

Jandor disassembled the weapon, giving crucial pieces to each of the three groups, hence forging the hope of a forced unity in facing future threats.

The final piece of the Staff, the Orb, held the souls of the evil necromancers. The grand wizard Horvath summoned his greatest powers to transport the Orb to another place and time.

Yet one crucial secret remained. In the midst of the great battle, Jandor discovered a helpless infant necromancer. Sick of death, and unable to perceive any hint of evil in the child, he secretly allowed her to live.

The great warrior gave her to the Ogres to raise.

Jandor hoped the orphan would never learn her origins or why she was raised by Ogres. And peace endured for decades in the land of Nox…”

This is the story from the Nox installation process. Thanks to Serpentine Cougar for writing it out!