Nox bots in development!

Ephreaym is working on Nox multiplayer bots
The latest effort to develop bots for Nox looks very promising. As for now there are still a few features missing (names, scoring) but they are getting better and better. Even CTF support is being worked on! Check out the Work in Progress YT video. The bots are based on the OpenNox scripting API and require the latest OpenNox alpha.

For instructions and to keep up to date with the development visit the Bot-Script Github.

OpenNox 1.8.11 released

Announcement on the Nox Discord Server by dennwc
Hi everyone! On behalf of the whole team, I’m proud to announce the new Nox build that was in the works for a past few months. It’s based on the version running at, but extended with a new features and bug fixes. You can think of it as Nox Reloaded 2.0! Download (1.8.11)

You can now support OpenNox directly via Patreon!

High-level project goals

Compatibility: accept original Nox game data.
Modern: seamless multiplayer, high-res support, modding, etc.
Unique: create new (free) HD game assets, new campaign.
Open: keep progress open, rewrite and open-source
Support Nox-related efforts: dedicated servers, tournaments, etc.

Key Features

  • High-resolution support (up to 4K with opennox-hd.exe)
  • Linux support (Linux builds can be found on Snapcraft, Patreon or Github)
  • Manual spell casting. Bind keys to individual spell gestures and become a real wizard/conjurer!
  • Automatically open ports when hosting a game (no need to configure firewall).
  • Simple HTTP-based Server API for controlling game servers.
  • Lots of improvements, check out the Patreon for more.

Download (1.8.11) or Github for the latest alpha version is now wasn’t taken anymore so i couldn’t resist switching domains. I think Hecubah is a way catchier name than Nox-Zone. For the people who don’t remember or weren’t around back then: once upon a time was the go-to website for Nox news. They originally did many of the developer interviews now archived on this site. That was just after the Nox release in 2000. Sadly, at the end of 2001 suddenly vanished. I’m in no way affiliated with the old website but i think after 20 years it’s fair game.

Nox-Zone is back!

Back from the dead!
Nox-Zone was first online in 2002. I found most of the old files on a hard drive and thought why not do a remake? I don’t really expect anyone to visit this site, i see it more as my personal Nox archive. It’s still unfinished but i’ll add new content every so often.

New trainer from BURN3R!

Wow, der neue Trainer von Burn3r ist es echt wert getestet zu werden! ; ) Man kann mit seinem Char jeden Gegenstand aufnehmen ohne den Char selbst zu verändern. Gibt’s natürlich in der Download-Abteilung. Und es gibt neue Funshots : ) Bild1 / Bild2/ Bild3/ Bild4. Außerdem gibt jetzt jeden Monat eine feste Umfrage die ihr in der rechten Spalte unten finden könnt. Diese geht noch bis zum 1. Dezember.