New Nox build released

Announcement by dennwc on the Nox Discord Server
Hi everyone! On behalf of the whole team, I’m proud to announce the new Nox build that was in the works for a past few months. It’s based on the version running at, but extended with a new features and bug fixes. You can think of it as Nox Reloaded 2.0!

– Native SDL and OpenAL support (no workarounds required for Win10, streaming, etc).
– Builtin XWIS integration. No need for account in order to host or join games.
– More Nox Quest options (skip levels, keep portal forever, etc).
– Native Linux build (no Wine).
– Experimental gamepad support.
– Dedicated “headless” server.

– Automatically open/forward ports when hosting a game (no need to configure firewall).
– Fixed the bug that prevented warriors from scrolling weapons with mouse wheel.
– Blazing-fast map downloads. Both client and the server should use this version.
– Experimental support for LUA map scripts.
– Maps will now be transferred with other related files when possible (.txt, .rul, .lua, .png).

– We now have a (bare-bones) Windows installer. OpenNox can now work from a separate folder.
– Automatically detect Nox game, so you don’t need to copy game data and remove .dll. Supports Origin, GoG and Nox Reloaded.
– Keep 4:3 aspect ratio when resizing game window. No more stretched images.
– Toggle fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter.
– Add set health and set mana cheats.
– Add set allow.all cheat to remove item class restrictions.
– Allow customising gamedata.bin values without encoding it. See gamedata-sample.yml in docs folder.
– LUA now supports trigger events as well as player join/leave events.
– Fix: Detonate traps spell will no longer freeze the game.
– Fix: Fullscreen mode will now be saved correctly.
– Fix: Warriors should now be able to scroll weapons with mouse wheel in multiplayer as well.

Download (v1.6.0)

To install, make a copy of your Nox directory, remove all .dll and .exe files, extract the archive there and run noxg.exe, and enjoy! If you have v1.4.0 already, just unpack the archive to the same folder, replacing existing files. To learn more about new features, check the docs folder in the archive. is now wasn’t taken anymore so i couldn’t resist switching domains. I think it’s a way more catchy name than Nox-Zone. For people who don’t remember: once upon a time was the go-to website for Nox news. They originally did all the developer interviews that are now archived on this site. That was just after release in 2000. It seems after 2001 suddenly vanished. I’m in no way affiliated with the old site but i think after 20 years it’s fair game.

Nox-Zone is back!

Back from the dead!
Nox-Zone was first online in 2002. I found most of the old files on a hard drive and thought why not remake it? I don’t really expect anyone to visit this site, i see it more as my personal Nox archive. It’s still unfinished but i’ll add new content every so often.

New trainer from BURN3R!

Wow, der neue Trainer von Burn3r ist es echt wert getestet zu werden! ; ) Man kann mit seinem Char jeden Gegenstand aufnehmen ohne den Char selbst zu verändern. Gibt’s natürlich in der Download-Abteilung. Und es gibt neue Funshots : ) Bild1 / Bild2/ Bild3/ Bild4. Außerdem gibt jetzt jeden Monat eine feste Umfrage die ihr in der rechten Spalte unten finden könnt. Diese geht noch bis zum 1. Dezember.