The story was originally posted on the official Nox website (now offline).

At one time, Nox had two distinct cultures: the humans of the south lands and the necromancers of the north. These two cultures had existed in an uneasy peace for hundreds of years until the necromancers invaded the south land. Their ultimate goal: conquest and genocide.

The humans of the south rallied and, at considerable loss of life, drove back the necromancers. The southerners knew it was only a matter of time until the battle mages of the north would muster a larger force and try again. For the necromancers had unlocked the power to reanimate the dead.

The southern people constructed the Staff of Oblivion, a weapon which would literally seal the souls of the fallen forever, preventing their return. The great wizard, Jandor, led an army against the North, killing and capturing their souls. The north quickly fell and its prized capitol was frozen over by a powerful curse. It would forever be known as the Land of the Dead, its real name stricken from all writings. Jandor remained to kill any survivors and vanquish the evil seed from Nox.

The task became more difficult as the refugees became more innocent. In a final act of guilt, Jandor spared a baby girl. He carried her to Grok Torr, a settlement of Ogres, and paid them to look after her. The souls of the rest of the necromancers were sealed in an Orb and with the combined efforts of Nox’ greatest mages it was banished to another time/space.

The southern people were scarred by the power of what magic had wrought on their land. They split into factions: warriors who eschewed magic, wizards who blended magic and technology, and conjurers who only practiced “natural” magic. Hecubah, the child that Jandor spared, eventually discovered her roots and developed a vengeful loathing. She went to the Land of the Dead and devised a way to return the souls of her people to Nox. This time they would vanquish the south once and for all.

You are the 20th century savior of Nox – summoned to the land in a cosmic accident. Being from Earth, you are the only living being on Nox that may touch a magic Orb in the possession of the wicked-evil queen of the undead – Hecubah. You must find this Orb and harness its power in order to construct the staff of oblivion and defeat Hecubah.