Nox Troubleshooting

(Work in progress)

“This game is only avaliable on a primary installation”
Download the solo maps from the download section and extract them into your Nox/Maps folder.

Westwood Online is not installed on this computer.
One of the reasons for this error is that the application is not started with administrator privileges.
If it still doesn’t work you can try the standalone WOL installer. Download

Server hosting / Port forwarding
Nox retail servers use UDP port 18590.
Official Nox servers use ports 18590 – 18599.
That means forwarding UDP port 18590 should be enough.
In case you run more than one Nox server on a single machine you want to forward 18590-18599.

Corrupt files error (for GOG version. Credit to madman88)
1) Go to Start, Run… and type “Regedit” to get to the registry.
2) Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Westwood\Nox
3) Right click on the key marked “Serial” and modify it by deleting the hyphens.